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Rugs Receive Rave Review

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It seems that everyone is buzzing about In-Weave rugs and it also seems that “no one can own just one!” So what’s all the excitement about? About six years ago, we started experimenting by weaving rugs using fall-off from upholstery selvages. These selvages are made up of various fabric content, such as cotton, rayon, or polyester. Putting these together in our rugs creates a “hi-lo” shag that is very appealing. Also, the fabrics have varying degree of sheen which adds to the interest of the rug. Combine this with all of today’s most popular decorating colors, and you have an accent for your floors that creates a real “wow” factor! Probably our most popular color combination is the “deep red” or possibly “olive and taupe”. But new and trendy color combinations have been catching our customers eyes as well. Combinations such as the new “fiesta” which is a combination of primary colors or our “bright” rugs, woven in colors such as pink, lime green and yellow. People are decorating with more black, especially in kitcrens, so we have developed a “granite” combination that is very popular. Choose new colors or from one of our many staples. We have something to satisfy every taste. Because we have 9 different widths available and can custom make them in any length, we can also supply you with almost any size from throw rugs to room size! Purchase one of our homey, one of a kind rugs and you will see what all the escitement is about!

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