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Are these Rugs Washable?

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We have had many customers come to look at our rugs, see their unique beauty, fall in love with them and then ask somewhat hesitantly–”But can you wash them?” We are always happy to answer them with an emphatic Yes! All of our In-Weave rugs are completely machine washable! Even our large area rugs can be laundered by the super large capacity washing machines. Many laundromats have machines that will hold 70 pounds. Even our large 8 x 10 rugs weigh on about 40 pounds. Our rugs may also be dried in a dryer, but we recommend line or air drying them until they are almost dry, and then fluffing them completely dry in the dryer. This is simply because the warp strings wear our fster when exposed to excessive machine drying. If you find it necessary to wash a large room sized rug, you certainly may want to dry it in a commercial dryer. As long as the rug is not laundered weekly, you will be just fine! One precaution we give our customers is to protect their rugs against color bleeding into the fringe and header strings. This may happen on occasion as the upholstery selvages we use to make our unique rugs are a raw fabric, or one that comes straight from the mills. You can do a one time treatment by washing the rug adding a product call Retayne, which will set the dyes in the fabrics. Another method that many prefer is putting sheets of “Color Catcher” made by “Shout” to the wash each time you launder them, or at least the first several times. When the sheet comes out of the wash without any “stray” dyes on it, it should be safe to discontinue use. So rest assured! Our rugs are not only beautiful, they are also practical and very user friendly!

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