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Our Rugs Are Unique

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What makes our rugs so unique.  To begin, they are hand woven and of good quality.  We use upholstery selvedge material of cotton, polyester and rayon.  This makes our rugs come out with a textured look.  In addition, we can create the rug you want with beautiful colors to match your décor.  As you saw in the making of the Fiesta Rug, the colors can be very vivid or you can choose a rug that is more in the earthtone colors for example. 


Sometimes it is very hard to find the right color and we do our very best.  As we stated earlier in one of our blogs, we never know what is going to come out of the bag.  This makes it very exciting as it gives us the opportunity to provide different colored rugs to our customers.  We will continue tomorrow to blog more about why our rugs are unique.  Have a great evening and stay warm.

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