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Hope your day was a great one.  We have been blogging about our quality rugs.  They are not only beautiful but also easy to care for.  With the warmer weather that has arrived, it makes us all want to freshen up our homes.  Getting some new rugs is a very easy way to do that without changing anything else.  In-Weave in Hawarden, Iowa, carries a huge selection of different color combinations of rugs.  We are sure you will find one that will work for you.


You will notice that sometimes you will have loose threads come out of the rugs.  This is normal and your rug is NOT falling apart.  It happens in the process of the weaving.  Eventually as time passes, so will this.  If you take a look at our videos on the weaving process, you can certainly see why this happens.  With so much upholstery selvedge laying around, loose threads get picked up and end up in the rugs. 


We wish you all a great weekend and we will be back on Monday.

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