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Hand Woven Rugs

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Hope your day was great.  We have been blogging about different rugs.  If you check out our earlier blogs, you will see some of the different color schemes of rugs that are woven.  Of course, they can change from one to the other depending on what we find in the bags.  However, they will still be the proper colors for that particular rug.  For example, the fiesta rug will always have the primary bright colors. 


When measuring for your rug, please remember that the fringe is not included in the length of our rugs.  For example, if we have a rug that measures 20" x 30", it will actually measure in length with the fringe approximately another 4" to 5".  If you are uncertain about what size you are needing, make yourself a pretend rug by laying out newspaper and measuring what you need.  This helps you to visualize how your rug is going to look in size. 


Have a great evening. 

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