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Hand Woven Rugs at In-Weave

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Good evening everyone.  We have been showing you some of our color combinations of our rugs.  We have many more than what we have posted.  Remember that our rugs are of high quality and are machine washable.  This is what makes them so extra special.  Now-a-days being able to wash a rug is so much better than having it dry cleaned, for example.  


When washing your rugs, be sure to use the product "Color Catcher" by Shout especially if you have colors like red.  We all know that some dyes like to run.  By using the "Color Catcher" it catches the color so it does not run into the warp and fringe.  We also recommend that you line dry your rug rather than putting it into the dryer.  Be sure to just lay it over your line.  Do not hang it from the fringed edges.  Once it is dried, then put it in your dryer and it will fluff up.  Be sure to check your dryer lint screen in the beginning washes as it will lose some of the loose fiber.   NO your rug is not falling apart. When weaving, sometimes loose fibers get caught in the process and they do work their way out. 


If you are in the Hawarden, Iowa, area, be sure to stop in and check out our rug showroom.  You will be amazed at all the rugs.  Have a great evening.

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