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Hand Woven Rugs

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Good evening.  We hope you have been following our daily blogs.  We have shown you a few of the color combinations that we weave.  We have many rugs and have only shown you a few.  As we have stated before, if there is a rug that you cannot find, we can certainly custom make it for you. 


When wanting a custom rug made, if you do not have fabric or other items to match to, you can certainly use paint chips with the colors that you are wanting in your rug.  This is where we open bags to find the colors of the upholstery selvedge and do our best to match them to the paint chips you have provided.  If you go back to some of our earlier blogs, we have shown you the process of weaving a rug.  It is quite a process. 


We will be back tomorrow.  Have a great evening.

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