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Rugs, Rugs, Rugs

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Good evening everyone.  Yes we are constantly weaving rugs, rugs and more rugs.  The past few days we have shown you a couple of new colors of rugs.  Both the teal and grey as well as the fuschia and grey are some of the newer rugs that we have been weaving.  Grey has become a very popular color in decorating and adding a splash of color with the grey really makes for a beautiful rug.  There have been other colors as well with the grey such as yellow, red, navy to name just a few.  Be sure to check out some of the other rugs that we have posted to see what colors work for you. 


When decorating, you want to start with a particular item such as a rug and go from there.  This way you can use the colors from your rug to do your accents and pull the décor together.  In reading different articles, some designers tell you to decorate with the colors you like, others prefer more traditional decorating, and still others like just a white clean effect and then add some color to pop.  Do not be afraid to put color into your home.  It makes your home cheery and adds warmth.  By putting a hand woven rug from In-Weave into your home, it can brighten your day, make a conversational piece, add texture to your home décor, make a great welcoming to guests and adds color to any room you put one in.


Have a great evening and we will be back tomorrow.

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