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Rug Sizes

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We are continuing with rug sizes again today. We covered the sink, fridge and stove yesterday.  Today we are going to your living room area.  For example, a loveseat is approximately 5' in length and a sofa approximately 7' to 8' in length.  You can have your rug just in the area by them or you can make it large enough so your loveseat or sofa sits on the rug some.  It's what you want to do in your room.  Either way will work, no right or wrong to it.  Usually the area rugs used range from 5' all the way to 8'.  Some of our popular sizes are 5' x 7', 6' x 8', 7' x 9' or 8' x 10'.  Of course, these can vary in length depending on how much space you have that needs coverage.  We will continue more tomorrow on this subject.  Have a great evening.

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