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Pink Hand Woven Rugs

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Good evening.  Today we are going to show you the pink hand woven rugs.  They are a combination of pinks, greens and yellows.  As you will see from the pictures, depending on the upholstery selvedge the colors can vary some just like in any of our rugs. 


This is a 20" x 30" rug.

Here we have a 24" x 48" rug.

Next is a 28" wide rug.

The last one we are showing is a 5' x 8' rug.

These rugs show you not only the bright colors but give you that feeling of warmth.  These colors are so inviting that they remind you of warm sunny day.  This rug would fit in any room and even an enclosed sunroom if you have one.  We have shown you three different combinations this week.   As you can see, they each have their own personality and fit into any area of your home. 


Have a great weekend and stay warm.

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