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New Brite Hand Woven Rugs

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Good evening.  We have all got ourselves dug out from the snowstorm.  Heard we had about 15" of snow.  We will continue with showing some of our different rugs.  Today we are going to show you our new brite line.  This rug is a combination of bright colors. 


This is a 24" rug.

The next one we are going to show you is a 24" runner.

Here is a 4' wide.

And finally, the 7' new brite rug which is in front of the 8' fiesta rug.  

As you can see, the bright colors can change depending on what upholstery selvedge we come across.   These are very popular as they carry a variety of different colors and fit into many different room decors. They have blue, green, orange, white, light yellow and sometimes purple.  They usually consist of very bright colors as opposed to the fiesta rug which is more deep primary colors. 


We will move on to another color combination rug tomorrow.   Have a great evening.

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