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Navy & Creme Hand Woven Rug

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Good evening to all.  Lots of rain today for us.  We are going to show you some more of our hand woven rugs from In-Weave.   Today we are going to show you the Navy and Crème rug.  Depending on your décor, this rug could easily go into the entrance, a bedroom, a bathroom or kitchen. 

This is a 28" x 42" rug.

As you can see from the picture above, this is a very vivid rug.  This rug has beautiful navy tones and the light crème goes very nicely with it. 


Some rugs you may find very enticing while others do not do anything for you.  Thankfully we all have different concepts of what colors we like and do not like.  If we did not, life would be so boring and our lives would not have much color in it.  Every rug has a special place where it fits especially the décor around it.  Be sure to check out our website to see what rugs may inspire you to do some decorating. 

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