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Hand Woven Rugs

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If you have not had a chance to check out some of the latest rugs that we have posted, be sure to do so.  As you can see, we have shown you quite a few and there are still more.  Of all the rugs that are hand woven, there are no two exactly alike.  They will look very similar but there will always be a few different colors or textures.  This is what makes our rugs so unique. 


Our rugs are also washable, even the 8' rugs.  You can have them professionally cleaned, take them outside and beat them like in the old days, or go to the Laundromat and put them in a 70 lb. commercial washing machine.   Remember to use "Color Catcher" by Shout if your rug has reds in it.  This will catch the color so that it does not bleed into the warp and fringe for you. 


Also remember that if you cannot find a rug on our website that fits your home décor, be sure to contact us by email or call.  Have a great evening and we will be back tomorrow.

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