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Hand Woven Rugs

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Good evening everyone.  We will be posting a few new rugs in the next couple of days but until then we are going to continue discussing our hand woven rugs.  Our rugs are tightly hand woven as well as machine washable.  If there is not a rug that fits your décor, you can custom order one.  When custom ordering a rug, it is nice to have some colors to be able to compare to.  This is where paint chips come in handy and give us something to look at.  Remember that a rug can be any length but width is set from 20", 24", 48", 3', 4', 5', 6', 7' and 8'.  This allows for a wide range of sizes to accommodate different sized rooms.  When measuring for your rug, taking a newspaper and laying it out in the area can be very helpful not only for measuring sake but also for visual.  We will be back tomorrow with more. 

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