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Fiesta Rug Run

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Hope you are all having a great day.  Today we are going to talk about a Fiesta Rug run.  We are going to start with the process of making a Fiesta Rug.  It entails making what they call a run of the colors that go into the Fiesta Rug.  We call this the Fiesta Rug because of the bright and bold colors that it is made with.  This is a very popular rug as it not only is fun in color but coordinates with so much.  This is how it begins by pulling the upholstery selvedge into the piles of colors needed for this rug.

As you can see there are reds, blues, green and yellows.  These are the colors that make up the Fiesta Rug.  This is how the process begins in the making of a rug.  Have a great weekend and we will be back on Monday.

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