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Fiesta Hand Woven Rugs

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Good evening and we are having quite a snow storm today.  Last week we blogged about suggestions for sizes of rugs in different areas of your home.  This week we are going to focus some on the different colors of rugs that we do.  This is our fiesta rug in a 24" runner.   

This is the fiesta rug in a 3' width.

Here we have a fiesta rug in an 8' width.

As you can see, they all look fabulous and would add a nice touch to any décor.   These are just a few of the sizes of the fiesta rug.  Of course, they come in the other size widths as well. 


If you have not check out our blog until today, these hand woven rugs are machine washable and are of high quality.  Everyone falls in love with our rugs and with the upholstery selvedge that we use, it gives our rugs a nice texture.   Stay warm and have a great evening.

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