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Burnt Orange Hand Woven Rugs

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Good evening.  Today we are going to show you another one of our color combinations.  This is the burnt orange series and they are also popular among our customers.  These have a variety of colors in them but the stress is on the orange.

Here is a 20" x 30" rug.

Next is a 24" rug.

And here we have a 24" runner.

These are the burnt orange series but you can see that they consist of gold, occasionally some dark brown, taupe, green, and of course, the orange.  As we have stated before, it just depends on what upholstery selvedge we come across.   Any of these hand woven rugs are unique and gorgeous.  They would make great conversational pieces with your guests.   We have customers who come to the store because they have seen our rugs in their friend's home and they just have to have some.   Remember that if you are in the Hawarden, Iowa, area, be sure to stop in and see our rug showroom.  It is full of RUGS, RUGS, and more RUGS.    We hope you all have a great weekend and we will be back on Monday.

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